Visit to Hello Product

It was an enlightening and interesting visit for the Year Two pupils at Hello Products makers of Tetmosol soaps, insecticide, etc. The pupils in their safety gears were excited to have a first hand experience of the different stages involved … Readmore

The Power of Fatherhood

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, Fatherhood is the state or time of being a father. It has been said that fatherhood goes beyond making a woman pregnant; it is a character trait and behaviour that will be judged by … Readmore


The visit by the RMS Red Cross Club to the orphanage was an unforgettable trip! The faces and the smiles of the pupils of RMS Red Cross Club was a sight to behold as they had looked forward to this visit … Readmore

The visit to OGC Foods and Beverages Ltd

The pupils in Year 5 visited a fast growing indigenous manufacturing and bottling company – OGC Foods and Beverages Ltd, located at the outskirts of Lagos. This educational visit afforded the pupils the opportunity to reinforce what they had learned … Readmore