The Power of Fatherhood

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According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, Fatherhood is the state or time of being a father. It has been said that fatherhood goes beyond making a woman pregnant; it is a character trait and behaviour that will be judged by the child.

Fatherhood affects every decision a man will be making-Before conception, during conception and after conception. A father must be seen to be involved and not heard to be involved. Being a father doesn’t afford second chances. There is only have one shot to get it right. The road map to success for the children is based on their involvement.

Thinking about the synonyms for father-male parent, forerunner, superhero, leader, mentor, creator, planner, mastermind- it can be seen it (father) is such a powerful word and connotes so much influence and power. The power to create, to model, to influence (positive or negative) and the power to shape, all lies within the confines of being a father. This power should not be misused or neglected or left to fate. There should be a deliberateness about its use.

The job of being a father should be the greatest in the world because the rewards far exceeds any price. Fatherhood gives the opportunity to see what you have created on the front row seat. You get to watch the gift that God has given to you flourish. Your job is to provide the foundation of being a good person with responsibility good character, integrity, good morals, honesty, and love. Let’s not forget to teach the children about God; this sets the foundation for their spiritual life and nothing beats being taught by your own father.

As we celebrate Father’s day, fathers, don’t forget to love your children and show it. Don’t be ashamed to hug them and show them they have value. This same value will be shown to others they come in contact with. Yes, they may appear not to listen to everything you say, but they will surely imitate your actions-what they see you do. Fathers must be seen showing their children the right way to behave and to handle different situations when they arise. Encourage your children to go after their dreams, break the ceiling and soar.

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