The visit to OGC Foods and Beverages Ltd

The pupils in Year 5 visited a fast growing indigenous manufacturing and bottling company – OGC Foods and Beverages Ltd, located at the outskirts of Lagos. This educational visit afforded the pupils the opportunity to reinforce what they had learned about ‘Water Supply and Production’ during our integrative S.T.E.M curricular activities. OGC Foods and Beverages Ltd is an industry synonymous for the packaging of LASENA Artesian Natural Mineral Water, plastics molds and recycling.
LASENA Artesian Natural Mineral Water comes from an always-flowing, renewable, artesian- thermal aquifer within the earth crust from a depth of 522 metres. It is located in a pristine, serene and hygienic ecosystem that has not been abused by man.
The pupils were thrilled to witness this gift of nature to man; they were given LASENA table water, had a Sauna bath and were tutored on the harm of Acidosis through an Illustrational Video. The trip was both educational and informative.

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